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Did you know that more than 50% of global population makes billion of searches online every day? One can, now, easily imagine the proportion of their visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Getting visibility on this sea of web is tough but easy. The web analytics are droned by Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is a tool for online marketing to promote website, blog, article and everything on the net. SEM is paid form of marketing that helps you to be present in the entire major online search. Google leads the market search engine with more than 80% share against bing and yahoo.

SEM generally works on keyword search and back links. Keywords are popular and a regularly used word of the related industry, for example, ‘search engine optimization’ is a key word for SEM. Each industry has its own jargons and industry specific words those are known to any lay man irrespective from the industry or not. Key words are the play cards for companies. Key words are the general perception of any lay man and industry experts derive these key words and feed them in systematic algorithm to generate and convert traffic to their website.

It is web designer’s forte and expertise to use industry specific key words and bring the website on top when any of the key word is searched. One such platform is Google Ad Words, which assists companies to market their products and services. SEM is a tool to develop a website which helps it to rank higher than other pages available on the web. As the web design company bids on the keywords through pay per click (PPC) in increases the rank and search metrics for the company or its products or its services. However, key word bidding is an ongoing process and web design agency needs to be alert and updated with all the necessary and vital information to keep the pace with fast changing market metrics.

The Web Design Agency or the agency conducting the SEM is aware of the cost that is to be utilized for any digital marketing and key word search. The bidding is simple but not easy as one has to know the kind of spend needed, timing, types and much more. The expense behind PPC can be fixed but has to be divided and distributed logically to make maximum out of the digital presence. The cost for bidding may range from $1 to $50 depending on the demand and availability of the particular industry. Web Design company has to ensure that the return on investment by its client is the traffic that will be generate to his website after conducting SEM.

Media Plus is one company which has all the solutions and expertise when it comes to Search Engine Marketing and Web Designing in Singapore. One company with core acumen in SEM and Web Development is sem agency. With professional services and key expertise in to the subject they have it to deliver the best result at effective cost and suitable services.

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